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History of Tiger Cleaning Service 

Hi, and thank you for visiting my web-site.  My name is Tony.  I am the owner of Tony's Cleaning Service.  I was born and raised here in Gibson County.
I think everyone has a calling and I, without a doubt, feel mine is in the Cleaning Business. 

I take a great deal of pride in my work and enjoy doing what I do and strive very hard to present you with a job well done.  I wrote my mission statement from my heart and try my best to accomplish that in every way on every job.


The tiger part has kind of hung with me ever since I was 5 years old, when my Granddaddy Lonnie started calling me "Tony The Tiger".  He was the 1st to call me that.  It's in remembrance of a great man with a great heart that I have kept the TIGER in my business name.  If you happen to have known him, you would know he was a very special man and one of a kind!


 I started in 1976 running a retail store that had a variety of items.  We sold and serviced vacuums, did furniture upholstery, and also had a western wear store and sold various leather items.  During this time I started CARPET & UPOLSTERY CLEANING! As time passed, I started learning more about carpet & upholstery cleaning by attending seminars throughout various states and also by visiting with different businesses in large areas.  I went from doing only residential carpet & upholstery to also doing commercial buildings of carpet and upholstery.

In 1981 I purchased new and more advanced equipment and expanded to also doing other types of FLOORS  such as the ones mentioned here on my web-site. 

In 1984 I again expanded my 
JANITORIAL SERVICE,  for some of the my cleaning carpet accounts.  Again I started attending seminars, studying and doing research on chemicals, time saving, and quality of service.  With this in mind I was able to help the accounts save time and money by offering not only the labor, but the chemicals, supplies, equipment and other factors involved with cleaning.


By 1991 I saw the need to add to my services, the service of PRESSURE WASHING/CLEANING/AQUA BLAST for some of the commercial accounts.  Some of the residential customers saw the work I was doing for the commercial accounts and wanted to use my services for their homes, decks, walks, etc.  PRESSURE WASHING/CLEANING increased my business so to the point that in 1992 I sold the retail business and was 100% full time dedicated to the cleaning business.

By 1994 again I purchased new equipment and built a large shop/office behind my house and updated chemicals and supplies.  Annually I would attend seminars updating my knowledge of the latest in the cleaning industry, on chemicals, supplies, and most effective ways to present you (the customer) with a TOP QUALITY JOB, yet still offering LOW PRICINGMy workers are also trained thoroughly.  (Please read '10 reasons' we can make a difference.)


Last but not least, I want you to realize, that I go to extremes to find, train, and personally work with my employees. First of all, the employees I have now, I have personally known for several years and know that each are good Christian people.  I am personally at each and every job, making sure the job is done correctly.  Also, I make sure your home or business is secure.  We get to the job on time, take our time to do the job right, and we are gone leaving your home or business clean and secure.  We want you to be satisfied enough that you can and will recommend us to your friends and associates. I want to offer you, in person, what I say on this web-site. 

I really do appreciate your business and
"This Ole Country Boy"  works hard to prove it! 

Some people "Talk the Talk", "We Walk the Talk" !!!!

Again,  thank you for taking the time to view our web-site. 

Give us a call and you will personally speak to me and I will be glad to assist you in any way I can!

God bless and have a "Grrrrr-eattttt" Day!!!